“This just might do nobody any good.” -Edward R. Murrow


I need to be upfront with you. I find blogs to be self-indulgent, unnecessary, and (often) poorly written. Blogs are presumptuous, and allow the blogger to achieve a sense of validation without any true responsibility or investment. This blog will be no exception. You have been warned.

So, how will I indulge myself in this blog?

I intend to scour the sad landscape of commercial pop-culture for the little bits of valuable philosophy and intellectualism that are packed in there behind all of the marketing and crowd-pleasing. At this particular moment, I expect my main focus to be television: past, present, and future. Sometimes I will praise the beauty and depth of the messages we are presented with, and sometimes I will bemoan the LACK of meaning and understanding in the programming that lights up our flatscreens.

I figure that any media we consume is only as meaningful as we allow it to be – so why not turn my escapism into something that can guide my existential development? If this experiment ever leads to thoughtful, intellectual discourse with my friends, family, and coworkers…so be it.


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